Thursday 11 July 2019

How to boost your e-commerce business with Magento 2?

Do you want to boost the sales rate or to expand your e-commerce business? Then you need a dedicated and organized platform to fetch some amazing outcome. Without any doubt, Magento 2 is the latest trending platform for all the online business websites.

Magento is an open-sourced platform for all e-commerce business websites that helps with a feasible cart system, content and SEO functionalities to the merchants.

Magento has inbuilt tools for marketing, SEO, catalogue, cart, and Wishlist which helps to boost the website sales.

So, what exactly is Magento?

Well, if you want to expand the online business or to revamp your online shopping website to channelize your customers for greater user experience, then Magento will be the best option for you.

If you are a starter, then Magento offers you a flexible environment so that you can adapt to the requirements for your e-commerce website or an online store. Magento is an all in one platform for all the online merchandise because it covers all the product range, also allows Magento development extensions, add few more catalogues, and integrate all the required features that are already existing.

Magento helps you to sell your products if you are in the fashion industry, a retail chain business if you are a firm that distributes the products or even if your business is B2B or B2C.

Also, if you want to sell your products to sell internationally, Magento is the best fit to meet your needs as it is a multi-currency, multi-tax and multi-language multi-currency which means you can continue your business with other countries, other currencies and their respective tax systems. Moreover, Magento gives timely updates and release.

Magento allows that if your company grows over time, your e-commerce will keep up and not be left behind. To do this Magento 2 constantly evolves the product with new versions, and allows you to enrich the technology with extensions, which will make your online sales website never lag your business.

Now let us discuss the core advantages of the Magento.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): One of the advantages of Magento platform is it will boost the web page optimization, improves traffic rate of your website, better engagement of landing pages, good conversion rates. Overall, Magento helps you with high productivity.

2. Architecture Flexibility: Magento is a professional open-source platform which gives flexibility which gives simplified versions even for complex architecture, also helps to manage multiple online stores on a single platform.

3. Scalability: Performance and scalability are the two pillars of any customer application development. Magento is a robust platform which can handle thousands of products and orders without can manage millions of products and thousands of orders seamlessly.

4. Unified Platform: Magento is a unified platform which favours managing customers, products and as well as inventory in one platform.

5. Safety & Security: With growing cyber-attacks increasing every day, you need a strong platform and a team to be able to detect the loopholes and protect the website

Magento always updates the security codes, the fonts, and themes, uses the secured FTP protocol, SQL injection firewall, latest code patches and many more.

Besides these, mentioned advantages Magento also has gained popularity because of its security levels, marketing tools, carting feasibilities and many more. Therefore Magento 2 has secured a special place in the e-commerce development platforms.

However, you will need an expert to guide you on this. Most of the e-commerce websites hire a Magento developer to make everyday tasks very simple.

Why Hire a Magento Developer?

So, to maintain online shopping is a full-fledged task that requires a highly knowledgeable professional to handle in-depth website conversations. Your task will be so easy if you hire a Magento developer and address all your requirements to the same.

We have understood that managing an e-commerce website is not a cakewalk. There is always a necessity to hire a Magento developer. A bit of expert advice will surely make a difference. However, you need to know many things before going ahead, as the importance to hire a Magento developer and the added advantages of having one.

Moreover, if you hire a Magento developer you have an added value of personalizing an online store according to a customer’s taste and requirements. Thereby, attracting more visitors which can become your permanent customers. Let us have a quick look of add-ons of hiring a Magento developer:

  • A user-centric approach to amplify the visibility of your website and favours online sales.
  • Customer engagement is guaranteed by providing a great user experience (UX) while shopping real-time.
  • Makes checkouts easy and secure.
  • Protects user’s private information while transactions.
  • To enhance the security of your website, ensure your Magento developer performs all the safety measures like two-way authentication, ensuring it is HTTPS, using the strong and innovative passwords, keeping a track on all the Magento extensions. To avoid any kind of cyber threats.

There is no doubt that searching for a Magento developer is little tedious job. But you can find one if you approach a Magento Development Company. Let us have a quick session on why you should opt for a Magento Development Company.

Why you should opt for a Magento Development Company?

Well, the crucial reason to opt for a Magento Development Company is to take your traditional online shopping website to an e-commerce business website. Often, it will be difficult for you to search and then filter the right candidate. In contrast, Magento Development Company takes care of all your work.

They have a better understanding of how to choose an expert, working style, the business strategy, the process of tasks and many more.

Besides, a Magento Development Company uses a dedicated method and process depending on the website, without compromising on the commitment and results to clients and work.

Moreover, if you choose a Magento Development Company, saves you a lot of time and money without affecting the quality of the work. They also provide many Magento Development Services which add more power to your website. They will take care of all the tasks right from sketching the architecture to providing all-round Magento Development Services which will make your website a complete packed package.

What are the most crucial Magento Development Services?

In this section, we will have brief outlines of various Magento Development Services.

Speaking of Magento Development Services, the first and foremost step towards building a good theme, essential updates, payments and shipping schedules, strong maintenance and the best customer support.

1. Magento Theme Development:

With Magento theme development, you can revive your old website design and update with the latest customized themes with the help of the Magento development services.

2. Magento Payment Gateway & Shipping Integration:

Magento development services are responsible for the shipping services and for the safe and secure payment gateways. Your customers will have a smooth shopping and checkout without any hassles.

3. Magento Support & Maintenance:

Magento development services promise uninterrupted service to the customers and the website maintenance on a timely basis.

4. Magento Plugin Development:

Magento Plugins fulfils all your e-commerce business requirements. Any updates released by the Magento will be implemented by the Magento development services team, thereby fetching expected results.

Take Away:

So, by now you must have got an idea why it is a crucial decision to hire a Magento Developer, and the importance of choosing a Magneto Development Company. Also, Magento Development Services like shipping and transactions which will make your customers trust you like never.

Therefore, choosing a Magento 2 if you are planning to make your business online or if you are revamping your e-commerce website will boost the productivity. Also, all your budget and efforts are well paid off once your business websites engage the visitors and driving more traffic.

In the coming years, where the digital shopping takes a full boom, Magento 2 with its flexible design, high security, a responsive architecture, safe checkout gateway is the most reliable platform for all online e-commerce businesses.


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