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  1. do you have any tutorial for shopping cart (add to cart without page refresh). i no then can you pls add a tutorial.

  2. do you have any tutorial for sending email width php using (SMTP)

  3. hi your works are amazing thanks for free sharing i really enjoy reading your lesson's anyway can you make a lesson that teach us how to make a simple cms with php i have problem in register and login form for user.thanks again keep it up

  4. Hi ur tutorials r amazing
    how i can add print record in my page
    and login page then display olny one record
    plz my email:
    and thankz for ur free sharing

  5. Hi. I can't watch videos on this web site. Does anyone have the same problem?

  6. Thank goodness I would your web page and youtube page before youtbe suddenly decide to remove you for no reason. They removed you because you provided the best, simple, beautiful and professional content!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Forget youtube. All that upload work lost due to no reasons. Post them on your own site.

    Your videos has helped our program big time and I thank you kindly for the tutorials. If you can provide the delete ajax record and export/import from excel file that would be great! That's all im missing.

  7. Please upload all videos in your website... I am addicted to watching your channel