Friday 1 April 2022

"React vs. Angular: Why Is React So Much More Popular?"

"React vs. Angular: Why Is React So Much More Popular?"

In recent times, it seems to be difficult to choose among the two front-end frameworks called Angular and React. It is important to know the differences among them and also identify the best among them to ensure efficiency and utilization. When it comes to the development of the web applications, both of them are super popular, however there is a change identified as a significant increase for React recently. Through the Angularjs Training, you will gain a deep understanding on how both of them work along with the differences that made React more popular.

What is Angular?

Angular is referred to as a web development platform that helps in building dynamic web apps or single page apps. The usage of components is high in Angular, usually the reusable HTML elements that are created. It is also possible to import and make use of these pages throughout the application.

What is React?

React is referred to as a Javascript library which is also used for the development of web applications. React is also based around components which are responsible for managing the state of the data.

Let us get to know some of the differences which made React more popular than Angular.

Imports & Modules:

The installation and set up process of Angular is done using the Angular CLI Tool along with the node.js installation. The angular application will come up with different modules and makes the application bloated.

When compared to React, React also needs node.js installation. All you need to do is run a simple command in the command line for react application creation. You can add the modules manually and this will cause less bloating.


Angular makes use of a combination of CSS, HTML and TypeScript.

React makes use of CSS and JavaScript.

Performance & Speed:

The React app will load fast in a browser when compared to the Angular application. React makes use of a Virtual DOM that is a lightweight implementation which is responsible for generating the DOM elements based on the components that are created.

Data Binding:

React makes use of one-way binding (passing data in one direction) while Angular makes use of two-way binding (Passing data from both directions).

Popularity of React over Angular:

Both Angular and React are the popular technologies used for the development of web applications. Both of them hold their own responsibilities and functionalities.

When compared to Angular, React is one of the most simple and fastest platforms which led to higher usage and high number of downloads.

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