Wednesday 6 January 2021

List of Popular Sites Built With Laravel

Laravel is one of the most used PHP (Personal Home Page) frameworks for the development of web applications. After launching the 5.4 version with Vue.js, Laravel is now available as a full-stack framework. Today, Laravel takes pride in building the best sorts of platforms for developers to draw more clients.

Laravel is an open-source software used for the development of web applications. There are some features that make it one of the most popular web frameworks available in the market:

  1. Laravel is available with the latest technological facilities. In that sense, it is quite modern compared to other frameworks.
  2. Laravel’s simple structure makes it accessible and popular. Hazardless maintenance is a crucial factor.
  3. For being a PHP-based MVC framework, users prefer Laravel above others.
  4. Its entire community is huge and well established.
  5. Gives in-depth documentation.

Here is a list of websites built with Laravel framework ---


Alison was founded in the year 2007 in Galway, Ireland, and has become one of the biggest platforms for online education and skill training. Alison is a learning site with vast availability of online courses. You can enroll yourself in courses like marketing, health, science, lifestyle, humanities, etc. They provide both diploma and certificate courses with affordable facilities.

2. Deltanet Travel:

Deltanet Travel was built by tourism experts in Greece in the year 2001. While Deltanet manages tourism mainly in Greece, it also provides packages for customers traveling to different places. This company, with its steady growth, covers the facilities for lakhs of travelers since its inception.


Attendize is a free and open-source ticket-selling website based on the Laravel web framework. The platform is also used for event management.


It helps you form web development skills on Laravel, Vue, and many others. The screencasts available for the working developer are languages, techniques, testing, tolling, and framework. It provides the courses starting from beginners to master level. Experts are ready to help the learners to solve the queries.

5. World Walking:

It is an application that encourages people to walk, where walking is a joyful activity and helps one to live a healthier life. The users can install the application on their smartphones to keep track of their walking history. The function of this web-based application is also controlled by Laravel. The app helps you to get day-to-day updates on your physical activity.

6. is an online platform to which you can subscribe to watch the online streaming of web series. This Laravel web application-based portal provides you with all the latest uploaded videos.

7. Rocket Rubbers:

Robert Rubbers has taken up an interesting initiative to promote safe sex to another level. They aim to extend the digital stores of Durex condoms to provide the simplest way of delivery.


It is a widely accessed online portal for getting to know the latest marketing information and trends from the US and UK. It also provides data from the Australian and Canadian stock market and other countries across Europe., in a very simple manner, helps to display stock market quotes, customizable charts, and many others.


If you, like many others, face trouble in remembering the names of the family members of your friends and relatives, then can help you to overcome that. Monica can store all this little but significant information to make you feel comfortable at the ceremonial gatherings.

10. LaravellO:

It is a popular portal that is accessed broadly by the community of Laravel developers. The portal is built exclusively on the Laravel web application. The signup module of LaravellO has an in-built integration with GitHub. When you plan to develop your own social apps, the worth of this platform increases. The platform helps the developers of Laravel effectively.

11. My Rank:

It is an online learning application for people in India. My Rank helps to promote input-based education to increase the students’ skill to crack competitive exams. This is a very useful platform for the students who aspire to crack exams like JEE MAINS, AIIMS, JEE ADVANCED, NEET, GATE, and JIPMER.

This is a limited discussion on the list of popular web applications that are built with Laravel. The immense popularity of the framework has helped to such massive growth of it while the list remains almost unending.

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