Thursday 27 August 2020

Which PHP Framework Do You Think is the Best for Web Development?

Whenever we think of the web development process, we plan to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as the main component of the website development. In order to use them all together for a single website, the PHP frameworks for web development first come to our mind.

But, nowadays, many think that PHP is dead. Contrary to this belief, I would say that it is not dead but it has become the base for different website builders and frameworks that actually helps us in developing dynamic websites.

According to data gathered from the internet, PHP is used by 79% of total websites on the internet. PHP as a web development language is more popular than ASP.NET. Yes, PHP and .NET both are the server-side programming language that competes for each other.

PHP’s utilization percentage has remained constant over the past few years. PHP developers and programmers will frequently flip to a PHP framework to compose their code and develop a website.

Today, in this article, we will discover - What PHP frameworks are? Why they're used? Which is the most famous PHP framework for website development?

What Is a PHP Framework? Why Use PHP Frameworks for Web Development?

A full-stack PHP framework is actually a development platform, which not only helps to create websites but also promotes the creation of mobile applications. A framework provides program coding libraries that have some commonly used functions in it when used properly with design helps you shape a website.

PHP is one of the widely wide-used programming languages round the sector today. Besides, the launch of PHP 7 additionally made the server-side programming language more qualitative, higher, and stronger than ever before.

So, what is the entire factor of using a PHP framework to create websites and other business applications?

Well, look at some of its benefits and functions –

  • PHP Frameworks help developers to scale website development systems
  • The MVC model ensures rapid development.
  • PHP Frameworks are highly secure.
  • The principle ‘Don't repeat yourself (DRY)’ ensures minimal code and maximum impact.
  • Faster Development, Less Code to Write, Follow Good Coding Practices
  • Libraries for Common Tasks, Better Teamwork, Easier to Maintain

"In fact, 79% of the websites on the internet use PHP to developing dynamic websites."

What Are the Best PHP Frameworks in 2020?

In this article, we have listed the top 10 PHP frameworks. Also, you will understand the PHP frameworks comparison in short based upon their functions, features, and content management systems.

At the end of the article, we will tell you the best PHP framework for website development!

"Before the year 2005, some widely used PHP frameworks were PHPlib, Horde, and Pear."

After 2005, everything changed and today we have different PHP frameworks. Those are as follows:

  • Laravel: Laravel is the best PHP Framework for Web Artisans developed by Taylor Otwell. Web artisans wish to play with the elements of development that aren’t allowed in doing in CodeIgniter. For example, authentication!
  • Symfony: Symfony is the combined effort of PHP language and PHP components to create websites that support the conjunction with almost every database. That’s why Symfony is a popular PHP framework.
  • CodeIgniter: CodeIgniter PHP framework is a full-stack framework that lets you build web applications, progressive web apps quickly with minimum configuration and minimal properties.
  • Yii (Framework): Yii, means - Yes, It Is! It is a simple and evolutionary website development framework that helps you create websites within minutes. Yii has very well-written documentation the same as Laravel.
  • CakePHP: CakePHP framework is said to be the fastest PHP website development where you use little customization and create websites. Stack Overflow, IRC, and Slack are its example.

These are the top 5 PHP frameworks that are mostly used in website development. Other than these 5 there are 5 more - Zend Framework / Laminas Project, Slim, Phalcon, FuelPHP, and Fat-Free Framework.

All these PHP frameworks promote developing a dynamic website, speed development, easy to use, and efficiency is the end result. But, as we said we need to choose the best out of best.

So, here we are -

Choose the Best PHP Framework!

If you are an expert or have experience in using different website builders and CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress and Drupal, then among PHP frameworks, your first choice would be Laravel.

Otherwise, if you are a beginner, I would suggest, you use Yii and CodeIgniter as they teach you about the MVC pattern, their documentation is detailed, you will learn to use the database, you will understand to build a simple CMS, and they are easy to install too.

But the best one is Laravel because -

Laravel is the Best Full-stack PHP Framework!

This is due to its following characteristics and features:

  • It has an elegant syntax
  • Laravel is fast to create a website
  • Easily host Laravel source code on GitHub
  • Laravel is open-source and follow MVC Pattern
  • Laravel supports Database migration, Seeding, Scheduling, queuing, etc.
  • Easy to build and manage Laravel-Based apps
  • You don’t have to write lots of lines of codes
  • It writes simply readable and elegant code; even a non-professional can understand it.
  • Laravel is a resource-intensive framework with an in-built testing kit
  • Lastly, Laravel has a strong and helpful developer community

All these are the benefits of Laravel which you will not get in other PHP frameworks.

What do you wait for next? Contact a top Laravel web development company nearby you and make a business website and take your business online!

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