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A Guide to Building the Perfect User-Friendly eCommerce Website

For some years, the eCommerce industry has converted as an essential part of the retail framework.

Similar to other industries, with the advent of the Internet, the retail industry has experienced a tremendous change.

Due to the continuous digitization of contemporary life, customers in almost every country are now profiting from online transactions.

Like many other industries, the retail landscape has undergone a substantial transformation following the advent of the internet, and thanks to the ongoing digitalization of modern life, consumers from virtually every country now profit from the perks of online transactions.

With the rapid growth of Internet access and adoption globally, the quantity of digital buyers is growing each year and website owners are hiring ecommerce website developers for developing an user friendly website.

  • The statistics have revealed that the growth of the eCommerce industry will be $4.5 trillion until 2021.
  • There are 61% of the online customers in the US who have bought as per the blog recommendation (Content Marketing Institute).
  • Amazon is the first online shopping spot for 51% of the Millenials (Inviqa).
  • Till 2040, approximately, there will be 95% of the purchases will be eCommerce based (Nasdaq).
  • Amazon has experienced 44% of the US eCommerce Sales in 2017 (CNBC).
  • Around 55% of the online purchasers describe their family and friends about their dissatisfaction with the company or product (UPS).
  • Globally, there are 93.5% of an internet user who has bought products online (OptinMonster).
  • Approximately, 50% of the users have stated that they prefer to purchase from the website chatbot with the conversational marketing (Drift).

The above statistics are clearly depicting that making the online presence is essential when you are in the retail industry. This makes managing everything a seamless task. With your own online store, you can easily have control over the products or services you are dealing with.

Why an eCommerce website?

The best and essential thing here is that with the eCommerce website, you are a brand. You are making the users purchase from you easily on the internet itself. It links you with several customers and you can effortlessly share the content on the social media channels. Hence, amplifies the process of generating sales and growing the eCommerce website organically by selling the services & products all around the globe.

To carry this out, you should ensure that you own a powerful and amazing eCommerce website to improve your sales process more efficiently. The appealing and delightful website is the main thing that every visitor notices when they visit.

After knowing the immense popularity of the online store, you must be wondering about building one!! Right? Considering that, here, in this article, we are revealing the main tips that you need to keep in mind while making the user-engaging eCommerce website.

Tips and tricks to create a user-friendly online store

Give customer's choice the priority

E-commerce is completely a customer-focused industry. A savvy business owner understands the needs of customers and provides services as per their preferences and requirements. So while building an eCommerce website, keep only the updated trends and products and find out if they are according to the niche.

Let the customers feel that you are including the products or services which are according to their comfort and have fulfilled what they have asked. In addition to the products, make the store design perfect. Secure only the more satisfying and engaging eCommerce website design services for the online store. Find out if it is easily navigable through the services, products or pages. The visitors will only get converted to the customers when they get what they have asked or desired for.

Mobile responsiveness is important

If you are a smart business person, then, you must be aware of the fact that the world is mobile now. It has become an essential tool in everyone's life in every corner of this world.

The estimates say that there are almost 70% of the users who liked to surf the website or purchase the products from the mobile-only at any time or from any location. Therefore, if your eCommerce website is not mobile responsive then surely, you are losing a lot of traffic. Of course, it will influence your customer retention rate.

The main reason lies behind this is that the customers are now mobile-friendly and stylish. And, they prefer to adopt the unique things which make them feel comfortable and are easy to use. Hence, users are moving towards online shopping.

The next thing that cannot be ignored is that Google likes to rank those eCommerce websites that are mobile-ready and offers the best user experience.

It is because of the ranking factor, it discovers the website optimization to offer the best user experience. As per the user experience, it shows the web pages to the search engine result page.

Easy navigation

This is also the other essential factor that assists the customers to offer an easy to navigate and easy to use experience whenever the visitor visits your eCommerce website.

So, the online store needs to be easily navigable so that the customer can easily check the information they need while browsing the website on the computer device, tablet or mobile. The eCommerce website with a long checkout process allows the customers to abandon the cart, leave the website and double the bounce rate. It will have more influence on the eCommerce website.

Hence, it is essential to own informative and unique content with appropriate images to make it easy for the customers to find conveniently and easily. With the fast and easy checkout process, you are delighting the customers and can grow the business quicker than before.

Add Call-To-Action (CTA) Button

When it is about an engaging and eye-catchy website, the CTA button cannot be overlooked. It is necessary to give eCommerce the professional look.

Your website cannot experience sales if it does not have an appealing Call To Action button on the online store. The statistics say that there are almost 90% of eCommerce websites which are leveraging an exceptional CTA button on the posts or product pages. It is helpful in attracting the customers and hence, accelerates the sales.

The CTA button mainly relies on the targeted audience and product types. These are usually considered by the eCommerce industry to improve the efficiency of product sales.

Use Product Quick View

The product quick view is also essential to generate the best user experience. It not only saves their time but, also, enables them to produce details seamlessly. With the product quick view, the customers get redirected to a suitable product without page reloading.

They can easily check the colour, price, and size of the product from the pop-up window. The link can also be added to redirect the customers to check the overall information of the product rather than showing the product information from the product.

It allows the customers to include the product to the wishlist or the shopping cart without any hassle. The product quick view assists you to boost the category pages speed to load quickly and offers an inclusive user-experience to the potent customers.

As it advances the user experience, so, the eCommerce sales can be improved significantly. It helps you increase your eCommerce sales significantly faster than before by providing a smooth and quick process during their shopping experience from your website.

Support and policies

When you hire the eCommerce website developer, assure that you are telling them about all the essential aspects of the eCommerce website. Remember:

  • "About Us" page

It does not sound good to not acknowledge those you are dealing with. So, every essential information regarding your dealings and the company has to be updated.

  • Dynamic Support system

If you have an urge that your customer stays online to your eCommerce website every time then it is vital that you are providing them with support whenever they need.

  • Refund and Return policies

There is no 100% surety that the product looks the same as in the image online, and if the customer will fancy it the same way as online.

  • Hold fast return and refund policies

There is no issue if the customer does not like the product. It happens!! Let your business doors open when they visit your online store again.

  • Payment Options

With so many products, customers like to have many payment options. So, include reliable and easy payment options or let them pay from the preferable payment gateway. Remember to consider the choice of Cash on Delivery (COD).


Designing and building an eCommerce website are two different things. While creating the online store, some tricks and tips need to be followed.

We have mentioned the best one. Adopt them and make the eCommerce website more professional and enhance the user experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started and boost conversion rate!!

We hope you liked this piece of article. If there is any query or suggestion then do let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!

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