Thursday 27 August 2020

Difference Between PHP and WordPress for Web Developing

A brief understanding of what WordPress and PHP is:-

So basically WordPress is an open-source content management system abbreviated as CMS which is combined with MySQL database and written in PHP. It is completely free of cost.

Content Management System helps us in growing content and the layout of your website with an interface that is user friendly. One can make the ability and functions of their website by pairing it with most Content Management platforms.

You can use more functions and features in WordPress by using plugins and themes.

There are a number of free and premium plugins available to the user which gives a lot of features. There are always regular updates to these features with the support that works round the clock. WordPress helps to build unique websites and applications without any prior technical caliber.

Its user-friendly attributes help the users to rely on them and work in the best way to meet their goals. WordPress has the caliber to not only create an enterprise-level website but also helping websites comprising huge databases.

Now understanding the PHP framework might get a little tricky since you need a tad bit of knowledge on coding. So in plain words, PHP is a programming language that enables us to create websites using various applications and tools available to us. PHP serves as a powerhouse to WordPress in the creation of websites, while 'framework' can be stated as a template with in-built useful functions.

PHP lays down the foundation for designing and developing websites by giving the users all the necessary functions in hand. It is of utmost importance to have prior knowledge of coding before delving deep into creating a website using PHP.

Few points that will throw light on the difference between WordPress and PHP are:-

1) Plugins

Plugins help us to get new features in the blink of an eye, you have a lot of options to choose from while developers prefer plugins which are free of cost, as it helps on cost minimization. When you talk about PHP you need someone with thorough knowledge on coding to assist you or help create one.

On the other hand, WordPress comes with more than 30,000 plugins to select from. Basically, plugins help to create websites that run smoother and faster. There are few plugins like BuddyPress which gives you an excellent set of components for social media and helps in supplementing community elements to their websites by the assistance of profile fields, activity stream, etc.

2) Search Engine Optimization and Security

One of the most important things you have to care about while developing a website is making sure your website is search engine optimized so that when someone searches for your website it ranks at the top thus improves inbound marketing strategy. There is no better platform than WordPress which has more keywords and most websites all over the world are WordPress and SEO plays a big role in the application of WordPress to help your business grow at a wider scale and also helps you inculcate crm strategy by keeping track of interactions between the user and the website. However, on the other hand, you need a good knowledge of coding beforehand to apply SEO tools in PHP.

All websites can be hacked but you can keep your website safe by using WordPress as it is amazing for security purposes as it always keeps your plugins and sites updated. It also allows you to install plugins to provide you with an extra layer of security like Wordfence Security.

You can customize your PHP website with a help of a web development organization to secure your website, but it totally depends on learning because if an individual creates a bad quality PHP site then your website will be prone to malware and hackers.

3) Cost-Effectiveness

One of the most important factors one has to think about while developing a website is the budget you have. If you have restrictions on your budget and don't intend to spend big on developing and maintaining your website, you should always go for WordPress since it is cost-effective.

As WordPress is a content management system, you can easily create a website as it is much cheaper with respect to PHP. The time you need to devote and the money you will spend is quite minimal.

4) Email list

Inclusion of an email list is a big part of starting a business, and email marketing companies is something you need to inculcate to grow and market your business in a wide WordPress makes it easier to set this up as you just have to have attached a newsletter plug-in to help you send emails.

However, with a custom PHP framework, this basic task can't turn a really complicated job. When we jot down all the points about maintaining a website, we find how a custom PHO can beat the success of your website.

5) Flexibility

WordPress goes big when you talk about its flexibility. If someone is looking forward to making a website that needs to regularly modify the content, the overall appearance, and the layout. You should go for WordPress.

It is simpler to do on a WordPress site over a PHP website as WordPress is more versatile and all the features it has to create a dynamic website.

6) Productivity & Updates

When you talk about Productivity, WordPress scores more and PHP while on other hand offers less Productivity but it makes sure you get fast processing speed to work for your website.

One of the best things about using WordPress is you don't need any prior knowledge of coding as it doesn't require HTML(HyperText Mark-up Language). Hence uploading images and posts in your blog is very simple to do along with the modification of your content. However, you need a good knowledge of coding before going with PHP as you require to write codes, and uploading and modifying your posts can be a little time-consuming.

PHP, on the other hand, requires writing some codes. Thus, uploading and editing requires technical knowledge and can be time-consuming.

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