Wednesday 6 March 2019

Web Development with PHP – Usages, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Web Development with PHP – Usages, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Having a website is a priority need for not only businesses but for individuals too who wants to build a notable presence on the web space and reach to people. Design and development are the two key steps in the website or web application development. PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is now one of the leading programming languages, which is commonly used in website development by the majority of the programmers.

PHP is primarily a general-purpose scripting language which is a server-side programming platform, which runs on a web server designed to run dynamic web pages and web applications. As a web development platform, PHP is a very secured, reliable, and fast tool which puts forth many advantages and made accessible to all as an open-source programming language.

Some key facts about PHP development are:

  • PHP supports databases as MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase, etc.
  • PHP is compatible with the web application servers as Apache and IIS etc.
  • PHP can run on various platforms like Windows or Linux etc.
  • PHP is so flexible and user-friendly to handle due to its easy development functions and simple syntax.
  • PHP can support DBMS systems and many open-source databases as well.
  • PHP as an open-source platform is compatible with Joomla, Drupal, OsCommerce, and Typo3, etc.

PHP in Business web development

Businesses wanted to develop their website without any hassle and maintained well over time. As far as PHP is concerned, the LAMP development suite can make the business website functional, strong, and secured. LAMP is the combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, which is so popular in developing modern and affordable websites.

Advantages of PHP

PHP has many advantages as a web development platform; let's explore a few top benefits here.

1. PHP is a cross-platform programming language

PHP applications can be run on different platforms. The major advantage of PHP is that the developers need not have to worry about the OS at the user's end. It is a proven fact that PHP code can render properly on all existing operating systems now. Moreover, PHP is a scripting language, and all the hosting services support it.

2. Easy to use

Even those who are new to web development find PHP as a very easy to learn and handle programming language. It can be learned in a short span of time, and the syntaxes are so simple to handle. PHP syntax is quite similar to the C programming language. Individuals familiar with C programming can easily understand and create PHP scripts.

3. Speed and performance

A crucial aspect of web development is speed. It is not only important in terms of ensuring optimum user satisfaction, but it is essential in terms of ensuring better search engine ranking also now. A fast loading website is important for businesses to enhance their online business. Users are so busy, and they don't like to wait for the slow loading sites to show up. Instead, they tend to switch on to an alternate site instantly. So, developers largely use PHP as it is so quick and digital marketing friendly.

4. Powerful libraries

Another big advantage of PHP is that it's developed and maintained by a consortium of skilled and experienced PHP developers, and there is a huge supporting community also. An extensive library of PHP with an immense collection of functional modules makes PHP very developer friendly.

5. Stable

PHP is out there as a strong web development platform for more than two decades now. This is a long timeframe in terms of quick changing technology industry. Developers have worked on this application throughout this time period and to enhance the features and users of this application. A lot of bugs have been identified and debugged, and PHP has now become optimally streamlined and simplest to use. Based on all these facts, this programming platform is now deemed to be highly stable.

Disadvantages of PHP

In fact, while we list the advantages of PHP, it is also important to check out a major disadvantage also of this platform.

Weak in nature

While preprocessor hypertext language was first created, it was thought to be handling smaller applications, so with its built, it is tough for the developers to program any larger applications using PHP. As this language is not having a modular approach, the larger applications planed on this platform are tough to build and maintain. However, it is surely an excellent language for websites and to develop smaller web applications.

Choosing a PHP developer for your web development project

As we have seen above, PHP is a popular programming platform, and there are plenty of web developers out there who are working on PHP. To reap the best benefits for PHP in your business website development projects, you may try to hire the top PHP web development services at budget costs. With several options to choose, here are a few tips which may be helpful in choosing the right PHP development service.

Consider experience

Before considering a PHP website design service, you should check the experience of the developer/team in web application development. It is ideal for checking the portfolio of the service to see if they have handled projects similar to yours. The developer should be aware of various technical elements to be considered for the efficient development of your website.

Technical knowledge

It requires various technical skills to become a successful website developer. Along with high-end coding skills on PHP, the professional also should have high proficiency in MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, etc. to become a full-fledged website developer. The developers also should have hands-on skills in solving the security issues and also to plan and design the application database. In addition to all these, the modern-day developers also should have knowledge in on-page SEO elements and optimizing page loading speed, etc.

It is good to look for a stable provider than a random freelancer to develop your business website in order to ensure ongoing support and maintenance needs. To ensure optimum performance of your website, it is also important to get a reliable and secure web hosting service also. Considering all above facts, there is no doubt that PHP is one of the strongest and elegant options for your business web development project as far as you get the best developers to handle your project and offer ongoing support.


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