Friday 13 July 2018

15 Tips to Keep Your Phone in Good Condition

15 Tips to Keep Your Phone in Good Condition

Smartphones have become a necessity in modern day life since they are used to do anything which makes our lives easier and happier. With every passing day, smartphones are getting improvements and modifications which make them a must-have device for us. However, to get a great phone experience to a long extent, it is important to keep a smartphone in good physical and working condition. The following article aims to provide you with the best 15 tips to keep your phone in good condition. Take a look at them!

1. Get a Screen Protector

To keep dirt and dust off the screen, you can get a screen protector. These bits of debris can damage to your phone’s screen. As well, it offers maximum protection to your phone from any scratches or breakage. So, use your phone screen as normal and new through the screen protector.

If you have broken your iPhone screen, you should go for specialised iPhone repair services to get it back to life in a safe yet cheap way.

2. Buy a Case

To keep your phone protected and in a good condition, you should get a hard case that fits your phone perfectly. There are lots of cases for all smartphone brands available on the market, you can choose the one according to your preferences. Mobile covers not only take all the abuse on behalf of your phone but also add more beauty and charm to its looks.

3. Keep Your Phone Free of Moisture

Moisture and water are considered an enemy to your smartphone. So, don’t leave it in places that are high in moisture, such as bathrooms and swimming pools as they could end up causing damage. It is best that you leave it behind instead of risking water damage. You should also never handle your phone with wet hands. In any case of water damage, you should take it to a reputable Mobile phone repair shop for fixing it.

15 Tips to Keep Your Phone in Good Condition

4. Keep Your Phone Away from Heat.

Heat is the worst thing for your smartphone, not only it ruins your phone’s battery faster than just about anything else but also damages its looks. So, don’t leave it in a hot car or anywhere else in the direct sunshine.

5. Keep Your Mobile Cleaned

If you want to keep your phone in good condition, you should clean it regularly. To clean it, switch off your phone for safety, and then use the cleaning cloth that came with it. If it is not available, you can use any soft, lint-free cloth. Get it slightly moist but not wet. Never use any cleaning solvents, household cleaners, or alcohol etc.

6. Keep Your Battery in Top Condition

Keep your phone’s battery fully charged if you want to ensure the battery performance at peak. Don’t overcharge the battery and always charge your phone with original charger.

7. Handle Your Phone with Care

Smartphone screens are what we rely on to operate our phones. However, they are very delicate and prone to any breakage. So, to avoid any frustrating moments when the screen won’t respond to your touch, ensure that you always handle your handset with care. Avoid scratching and cracking it and get a cover with a handle that offers better grip to prevent falls that can be damaging to the screen and the phone as well.

8. Protect Your Phone From the Extreme Temperature

If you want to keep your smartphone protected, stay it away from the extreme weather conditions. Your phone’s screen is so sensitive and it can be cracked or broken if you leave it in the severe cold or hot area.

9. Don’t Download Apps and Media Files From Unreliable Sources

To ensure the perfect working condition of your phone, you should always download the applications and media files from reliable sources. If you don’t do that, the chances are that your phone gets infected by any viruses or malware that can damage your phone permanently.


Don’t Use Your Phone While Charging It
Don’t forget to follow this tip if you want to improve your smartphone’s battery life, as well as, to run your phone as much faster as a new one.

11. Avoid Downloading Unnecessary Apps

Both Google and Apple Stores have millions of apps but you should only download the apps you need the most. Avoid downloading the unnecessary apps because they consume your phone’s memory, resulting your phone’s performances goes down.

12. Update the Phone OS

Whether you own an iPhone or an Android smartphone, update its operating system to the latest version. The latest versions of your device software generally come with bug fixes for better performance and enhanced security as well.

13. Charge Your Phone Optimally

If you want to enjoy a great phone experience, you should keep your phone charged optimally. Most experts say you should keep your phone charged between 40% to 80%. Therefore, you should try to charge it frequently at different times instead of daily charging to 100%. It helps you keep your phone’s battery healthy for a long period.

14. Your Smartphone Needs a Fresh Start

Smartphones are just like mini computers and need to be restarted every one or two days to get a fresh start. By doing so, they become much faster and smoother because all the glitches are fixed that can hinder the device’s performance. So, if you want to keep your phone working like a new one, try this tip regularly.

15. Try a New Launcher

If you are bored with your old phone and want to bring some charm to it back, you can simply try different themes and launchers to give it a new look. Android users can download the launchers from Google Play Store, while iOS users don’t have this option. Well, they can simply change the home screen and lock screen wallpapers and spend some time to organise their icons into folders to transform their phone’s looks.