Source Code for PHP PDO CRUD using Datatables

This is complete source code for the post of PHP PDO Ajax CRUD with Data Tables and Bootstrap Modals. Just downlaod this code of file and make database connection in your computer and test the program. In this tutorial we have make simple Ajax CRUD application by using PHP PDO with Jquery Datatables plugin. Here in this code you can find how to load data into Juery Datatables plug in using PHP PDO. How to Insert Data by using Ajax PHP PDO with Bootstrap modal. How to Edit or Update Data using PHP PDO Bootstrap Modal with Ajax. How Delete or remove data using Ajax with PHP PDO. This all operation had been done without refresh of web page. So download this source code and learn Ajax Crud Operation by using PHP PDO with JQuery Datatables and Bootstrap Modal.

If you get any difficulty in download source code file, then you can e-mail us at, we will reply on your email with attach updated source code file in zip folder.


  1. Thank you for your effort.
    This is the best place to learn using php exanplex.

  2. can u send me database in mysql?

    1. Do u have the script of the db? I need it, pls!

  3. function get_total_all_records() is not working when we try to search .. Please help

  4. hello ..
    more than great ..
    is it possible to show us how to make search for multiple column ?
    thank you