Saturday 3 September 2022

7 Reasons To Use Laravel For Web App Development

7 Reasons To Use Laravel For Web App Development

There are various PHP frameworks around, including. Laravel. However, with its unparalleled capability to deliver immersive and engaging experiences to users, it has become one of the most preferred choices in the lot.

Over 688,027 live websites currently use Laravel. Despite being over a decade old, its ease, simplicity, and flexibility have contributed to Laravel being called one of the best MVC-based PHP frameworks. Simply put, Laravel has every ingredient for a streamlined development, as long as you know how to utilize it. That’s a major reason why Laravel developers are so in-demand currently (which is why businesses choose to hire a web application development company or other low-cost nations).

But why is Laravel so popular still? Let’s take a look at the biggest reasons.

1. It Is Based On MVC Architecture

MVC stands for model view controller and is a means of web development that provides a clear separation between the model view that a user sees of the web application and its business logic running in the background. With Laravel’s MVC architecture, the data associated with the web app gets split into logical files.

Such distinctions in data files make it easier to locate a required file in a large project, change views without affecting the model, and scale your web app along with your business without hassles.

Laravel also helps with excellent database management by enabling you to easily create, delete, and redo it without the need to run an SQL query or log into a console. It also helps with data maintenance team work with the continuous support of table creation and updating.

2. Excellent Traffic Handling Capabilities

Who doesn’t want their web application to gain more traffic and bring in more conversions? Well, a business whose web app cannot handle that increased traffic is one candidate. Such a business will lose customers because its app won’t be able to cope with the traffic load, leading to freezes, slow load times, crashes, and data loss.

All of those scenarios will turn interested customers away from the business.

With the PHP Laravel Framework, you get a message queue system that balances the load. This makes traffic management effective by providing a unified API across various queue backgrounds. These queues let you put off a time-consuming task, increasing the speed of web requests of the web app. Thus, the web server is kept healthy.

3. Automated Task Scheduling and Execution

Every online application requires a task scheduling system to automate tasks as needed. For instance, sending subscribers emails, notifying app users, or simply cleaning out databases to speed up online apps.

In the past, a Cron entry had to be created by web developers for each operation they wished to schedule. By utilizing Laravel's automatic command scheduler, you can, however, avoid this hassle. With only one Cron entry needed on your server, you can rapidly and expressively construct your command schedule within the Laravel framework itself. This Laravel framework feature not only boosts the performance and speed of your online application but also lowers your hosting costs.

4. Mail Services Integration

If a modern web framework does not provide mail integration, it is unacceptable. Every essential activity or action by the user should trigger an email notification from the web app. Swiftmailer, a package included with Laravel, allows for simple and clear API setups for unique email accounts.

It also offers several drivers that quickly send messages using local or cloud-based services. SMTP, Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, Amazon SES, PHP's "mail" function, and "Sendmail" are a few examples. Thus, with the help of Laravel, your email-based communication issues are resolved even before they can crop up.

5. Robust Security

A web app is useless if it doesn’t come with top-notch security features to protect both company and user data. Laravel creates web apps that contain end-end security that prevents not just unauthorized access but also secures the data very robustly. It does this with the use of “Guards” and “Providers.” They help authenticate a user and then take them back once data is retrieved.

Laravel marks the creation of access control mechanisms easy as it uses only a single command to help with Login, Registration, and Password Reset. It also helps ease the organization of authorization logic and the control of access to resources. This is why it has earned the title PHP authentication framework.

It also stores passwords in a hashed format to obscure them from prying eyes. The Bcrypt hashing process ensures added security by creating a new hash each time. Ready-made SQL statements are also present to stop injection attacks. These measures make the database very secure along with the traffic flow.

6. Eased Construction with Object-Oriented Libraries

The Laravel framework comes with many pre-installed features and built-in object-oriented libraries. This is the main distinction between Laravel and other PHP frameworks.

There are some amazing qualities like

  • Password resetting
  • Active user monitoring
  • Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) prevention provided by integrated authentication libraries is another fantastic feature. ( This is a malicious exploit that was carried out on behalf of a verified user).
  • By producing a CSRF token for each session, it defends against this attack. Consequently, it makes it impossible to access.

7. Full-fledged Community Support

A framework isn’t useful if a developer can’t find the support they need to create the requisite web app. That is not the case with Laravel, as it has a vast community of professional and amateur developers who can address any query regarding it.

An example of this is Laracasts, which is a paid+free platform that gives you the necessary support to learn and utilize the framework. There are video tutorials that carry one through the development process from the first to the last step. Hence, with Laravel, you’re never far away from help.

In Conclusion

Web applications have revolutionized how the world communicates and consumes information, and that transformation is only accelerating. Newer options like Progressive Web apps are taking over the scene, which brings more advantages to business than traditional applications. Amidst all these evolutions, businesses must be ready to adapt. The best way to do so is with an experienced partner that understands your concerns and can deliver on your requirements.

Hire Laravel developers in India, and you will have a strong web app development process that secures your present need and makes you future-ready too. If you outsource the process to a low-cost region, like India or the Philippines, you can get the additional advantage of cost reduction, which is bound to boost your ROI.


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