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Laravel vs Codeigniter, Which is Better PHP Framework?

Laravel vs Codeigniter, Which is Better PHP Framework?

With time, the PHP framework has turned into the most preferred choice when talking about developing web applications for a company. Although there are numerous PHP frameworks which are available in the market, demand for Laravel and CodeIgniter is increasing rapidly.


Laravel is an open-source framework that is based on PHP programming. The platform was intended for the development of web applications by using MVC architectural patterns. It is basically evolved to alleviate the development task for the developers since it can take care of the general tasks.

The general tasks in web projects include web page sessions, caching, routing, and authentication. Hiring dedicated Laravel developers can solve much of your problems. Laravel has refined, yet expressive syntax.

The following are some attractive features of Laravel:

  • Contains in-built modules and libraries
  • Define numerous routes
  • Availability of different test cases
  • Query Builder and ORM
  • Configuration management features
  • Lightweight template engine
  • Schema builder


CodeIgniter is a powerful Application Development Framework for developers to create websites with the help of the PHP framework. Its toolkit, such as a rich set of libraries, helps in developing full-featured online applications in less time because there is no need to write the code from scratch. You can create dynamic websites through CodeIgniter. Moreover, the users get full liberty since they are not required to use the MVC development pattern.

The following are some interesting features of CodeIgniter:

  • Security and XSS Filtering
  • Extremely compact
  • Model-View-Controller Based System
  • Query Builder Database Support
  • Session Management
  • Form and Data Validation
  • Supports the email attachments

Comparison between Laravel and Codeigniter

Being popular PHP framework options in the market, it is difficult to decide on one. So, the below-mentioned aspects can help in making the decision:

More compatible with upgraded PHP version: Currently, the advanced version PHP 7 is available in the market for developers. Indeed, both frameworks Laravel and CodeIgniter support PHP 7.X versions. However, there are some issues faced by coders and testers of CodeIgniter during the development as well as testing of a project. Thus, Laravel has the upper hand when it comes to compatibility.

Technical Documentation: The CodeIgniter framework cannot be beaten by any other framework in terms of the fully organized and simple to understand documentation. The notions used in building and designing a website through the CodeIgniter framework are pretty much easy to understand since they are certainly illustrated in the file in a comprehensive way. However, the Laravel framework includes difficult-to-understand documentation. So, CodeIgniter is more useful.

Usage of Libraries: Laravel incorporates object-oriented libraries, which play a vital role during the development of an effective website. Autocomplete features can support its libraries to carry out the development process easily. Whereas CodeIgniter libraries do not have such features, and they do not contribute to convenient development. Therefore, Laravel makes the development process easy.

Stability and Reliability: Both PHP frameworks, i.e., Laravel and CodeIgniter are stable and reliable. While the chances of bugs and other technical problems are not much in CodeIgniter, Laravel has higher chances of such issues.

Community Preference: Developers use Laravel and CodeIgniter framework to work on all types of website projects, be it small scale or large scale. However, the development community of the Laravel framework is larger as compared to CodeIgniter.

Modular packages: Laravel assists web programmers to split up the task into short module packages. However, the CodeIgniter framework demands developers use a modular extension to keep modules up. So, the latter framework does not provide modular code separation by default.

Simplified Database: The Laravel framework has a feature of skeptic relocations so that it can share the database without using complicated coding. But, the CodeIgniter framework does not come up with a highlight for the relocation of database patterns.

In-built Template Engine: There is an inbuilt template engine in the Laravel framework, namely blade to optimize the web performance. However, the CodeIgniter framework does not have a built-in template engine. The programmers are needed to integrate the CodeIgniter framework with a template engine tool such as Smarty to enhance the web performance. Thus, the former framework provides more convenience.

Compatibility with HTTPS: To transmit the information securely, HTTPS protocol plays an essential role. Laravel has considerable security since it supports HTTPS routes whereas, in the case of the CodeIgniter framework, it is not fully compatible with HTTPS.

REST Application Programming Interface: Laravel framework includes RESTful controllers to create various REST application programming interfaces without putting in extra time or effort. However, in the case of the CodeIgniter framework, there is a requirement for additional code to build the REST API.

Object-Relation Mapping: Laravel framework uses eloquent as object relation, whereas CodeIgniter framework uses an advanced version of a database design known as an active record to regulate database operations by writing small code.

Routing: Developers get the routing options in both Laravel and CodeIgniter frameworks. CodeIgniter provides implicit as well as explicit routing. Whereas, Laravel is more reliable and flexible when sending routing requests. Thus, developers can get more benefits from Laravel as compared to CodeIgniter.

Authentication Feature: In the Laravel framework, the authentication class assists developers in implementing authorization and authentication. However, the developers require to write custom CodeIgniter extensions for making use of authentication and authorize features.

Security: When it comes to any kind of web application, security is a prominent aspect. Laravel has features of better authorization and authentication checks. Laravel framework is a comparatively more secure framework than CodeIgniter.

Both frameworks are the prominent PHP frameworks to develop web applications. Although Laravel is comparatively slightly difficult for the developers to learn, its additional features make it suitable for a versatile website. On the contrary, CodeIgniter is convenient to use and a better option for small projects that do not require additional features.

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