Thursday 4 March 2021

Best PHP Blog Scripts and Blogging Platforms

Best PHP Blog Scripts and Blogging Platforms

Blogs have started to be one of the best ways of marketing, this helps the business express their views and inform the users about their products and services from a detailed point of view. Several technological advances are striving to take the shine out of blogging but it still remains intact and is accepted by most people.

Many businesses are now realizing the importance of blogging and are applying the same strategy to bring about the best changes to their marketing strategy. Be it the food business or electronics product, each field has seen a huge rise in the development of technology.

The adoption of such a technology in the daily use of business is made easy using PHP, people have been using a food delivery PHP script and others quite frequently. Now, businesses are turning towards using PHP blog scripts. The scripts come with robust technology to convert visitors to customers and also involve a content management system inside the script.

Let us see here some blogging scripts that you can readily use for the business.

Best PHP blog scripts

1. Varient News Magazine Script

The varient news magazine is a script based on PHP, it consists of all the features of a newsletter blogging platform where the script runs on dynamic news and blogs. The script is segmented into several parts like sports, political, lifestyle, and others. The script is very user-friendly and has an impressive user experience. The script jas different panels that can be managed by several authors.

2. Blog Manager Module for CMS pro

The Blog manager module has a very immersive script and interface and is among one of the best and most popular blog scripts. The system is comprehensive and is made up of five plugins associated with it like search, menu, archive, popular, latest.

The layouts of the platform are unique and do not have multiple formats. It also has rating sections that can be used for feedback from the real world.

3. Infinite Blog and Magazine Script

Infinite is a very clean PHP blog script, it has different interfaces associated with it, this provides a relatively responsive and user-friendly interface. The business can manage its custom pages, categories, user comments, advanced settings, and contact messages, with the help of panels associated with them.

The script is secured and is used for SEO optimization and is fast and easy to use. The system has an ad management system Incorporated.

4. Active newspaper CMS

The active newspaper helps to stand out in the market with its immersive UX and UI interface. The script has a powerful panel that can be used to manage reporters and bloggers, video uploads, and polls and so much more. The log-in credentials in the system are connected with the social network and have a different system in its inclusion.

The system has monetization of the blog, ads, homepage, gallery, and more. All the features of well-established and professional magazines are present on the platform.

5. Instant Blog: Fast and Simple Blog PHP Script

Instant Blog as the name suggests works on instant technologies. The script helps to load a blog ten times faster than any other platform. The script has SEO optimization and works with an immersive interface. This makes the platform easy to use and incorporates easy-to-use and simple layout formats.

The script has a powerful admin panel that allows the users to manage posts, categories, and users efficiently. The script also allows the access of dynamic forms and ensures that auto-embed URLs are also used.

6. phpBlog: News, Blog, and Magazine Script

The phpBlog is a multipurpose blogging script. This allows the users to incorporate in the system blogs, portals, company and agency websites, magazines, newspapers, and more. The system is built on a procedural framework and has a simple, lightweight, and responsive design.

The admin panel is also very powerful and can be used for a different point of access in the platform which allows the system to use different things inside the script like SEO, cms, in the platform.

7. Viavi News Magazine Blog Script

Viavi news magazine has a very stunning blogging interface, it is dedicated to news and magazine-focused blogs. The script has 12 customization layouts that can be used by the user to create different layouts and formats according to the requirement. The system is great for creating engagement of the user with blogs and also sharing through social media accounts.

8. Newspaper: Responsive News, Magazine and Blog CMS Script

The Newspaper is a script that is built to showcase solutions for news and blogs. The system has a responsive CMS system in the script that allows the clients to make efficient management of the system. The backend also has very impressive features that allow seamless navigation of the script.

The script has a built-in newsletter option that allows the users to send posts and messages whenever required.

9. Fibonacci: Laravel Portfolio and Blog CMS Script

If you are a web developer and need your own blog, Fibonacci is your savior. The system has a clean and easy to use developer platform with modern custom layouts. The script is responsive and has incorporated in itself the system of SEO to improve visibility. The script has an easy to use panel and allows the users to give interactive presentations. The system also incorporates homepage layouts, contact forms, modes, and other features.

PHP has seen huge popularity in terms of scripts like food delivery PHP script, blogging scripts, and others. So, if you are someone who wants to use blogging as a means of communication with the client. Go ahead and check the mentioned scripts and choose the one that best suits you.

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