Saturday 9 May 2020

What Is The Importance Of UI/UX For Any Website In 2020?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very important portion of web design in the current times. It is vice versa as well. The objective of most websites lies in answering questions or solving problems. If website owners are unable to program it that way, why will users visit the website or come back for more? The importance of UI/UX in today’s digital world for enhancing SEO is humungous. A WordPress development company too while developing various kinds of websites for its clients, places special focus on user interface & web design. The UI trends you can offer users for a superior usability level are listed below:

Exclusive animation & illustration – Do you want your website to be unique in contrast to the generic? You can achieve this if you are familiar about the importance of UI/UX design. It is important to utilize hand-drawn or digitally-drawn 3D or 2D custom illustrations that carry unaligned designs, massive asymmetries and free forms. These craft a welcoming & friendly environment within the website & offer customers the best experience ever.

Integrating these illustrations with complex motions is also possible. Such dynamism can instantly grab the attention of the users and displays the objective or mission of the brand. An eye-catching illustration will always offer websites their very own personality that makes the websites even more memorable. Put such website UI ideas into play today for making your brand stand out.

Augmented reality – If you stick to the grid in 2020, you will know that you are following the correct website UI design 2020 trends. UI simply restricted to screens is a rather backdated idea currently. Instead, marketers must focus on interactions that feel real. Apple & Google are two big names of the present digital world that are successful in introducing their AR development platforms AEKit & ARCore respectively. These platforms are noteworthy for blending the digital & the physical world. Varied approaches of AR UI include:

  1. Related to real-world that utilizes the neighboring physical world
  2. Real-world items & object-related that is equipped with tethered interaction

When you are a website owner or a designer, you must start indulging in AR UI kits for the betterment of your website. The capability of fabricating 3D elements & AR interfaces are highly advanced skills that will prove to be very useful in the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence – Revert to Artificial Intelligence today if you are looking for some advanced website UI UX inspiration. AI integration is something we will witness almost in every product in the year 2020. AI is capable of amalgamating massive data amounts. This will lead to the formation of even more personalized products that developers and designers will create as per every client’s need. If not replaced, it will definitely ease out tasks for web designers. For instance, when users need to verify tags of various topics they prefer after signing up to an application or when they need to dislike or like songs on apps like Spotify. These onboardings are somewhat boring but once substituted by machine learning; these tasks become a lot more fun.

Final Say

If you are planning to indulge in a web design project very soon, make sure to start your journey with the help of a professional UX studio. The importance of UI/UX in context to website growth is immeasurable. Our skilled UI/UX designer teams of our WordPress development company can perform effective usability research & craft a robust UI that will catch the attention of the target audience. Get in touch with us today.


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