Saturday 2 November 2019

What makes Laravel the most Preferred PHP Framework for Web Development?

Technological evolution has created limitless options that fit the general criteria for web development. This makes it a tough decision for developers during the initial phases of project development.

It is a rather daunting task and in order for businesses to invent applications that are out-of-the-box, they will need to choose a framework that offers a broad spectrum of technical capabilities. Such is the rage of Laravel; a PHP framework that has become the new favorite in the market and holds a promising future. Its selection of customizations and qualities are the best remedies for engaging customers and enhancing the website’s interactivity.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a popular, modern-technology web application framework that stems from the PHP scripting language. PHP has heavily progressed over the past years to satisfy the demands and requirements of current web developers. Each PHP framework was created with its individual feature pack and implementation but Laravel’s robust and developer-first minded characteristics make it a front-runner next to its contemporaries.

Nowadays, web developers favor Laravel over other PHP frameworks due to its wide range of unambiguous features such as multilingual app development and multiple platform support. This allows businesses to expand their target audience to a global scale and capitalize on business potential. To understand that better, we have described some of the reasons why you would never go back to any other framework after giving Laravel a try.


Laravel 5 enables authentication practices that organize logic and simplify the process for developers. This way they have control over accessibility and user identification can be done efficiently. All web application owners seek authentication to ward off any unidentifiable user or restrict unauthorized logins; Laravel development services facilitate control over resources so no unapproved user has access to them.

MVC Support

Another reason behind Laravel’s universal recognition is its Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture that facilitates optimal clarity between logic and presentation. It boosts application performance and enables proper documentation for developing web apps of all sizes.

Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel’s framework offers object-oriented libraries and other pre-installed options that are not available in other PHP frameworks. One of which is the pre-installed Authentication library. Its variety of advanced features that include, Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, password reset, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, and encryption make it an ideal tool for web development. In addition, it is child’s play when it comes to implementation and configuration.


Modularity is when a web application’s components can be split into different modules and recombined to work together for successful functionality. Laravel alone is a framework consisting of different components which makes it perfect for designing modular applications. It provides simple yet effective instructions to create modules and using its modular structure, companies can develop scalable web applications with the utmost ease.


Security is a top priority when it comes to designing web applications and systems for e-businesses and online marketplace. Laravel is composed of several security mechanisms that make the developer’s experience secure and assure all data is protected on the website. It uses hashed passwords that offer secure Bcrypt hashing, so your passwords are never saved in plain text. Similarly, it dodges SQL injections by using prepared statements that allow developers to safely authorize any parameters and prevent any vulnerability.

Database Migration

Laravel makes database migration hassle-free which is what makes it a top pick in PHP framework for website development. This way all migrations can take place conveniently to align the database and the team can easily modify and build the application’s database plan.

Insightful Tutorials

Laracasts is a resourceful feature offered by Laravel for all developers wishing to learn throughout their web development experience. It consists of tutorials – paid and free – all conducted by a professional instructor, who shares his insights and lessons on how to make use of the Laravel framework. Developers with all levels of experience can benefit from these videos and gain an in-depth understanding of the framework to create better programs.

Template Engine

Laravel comes with the templating engine Blade which is easy-to-use, lightweight, and resourceful. Unlike other frameworks, Laravel allows users to work with plain PHP code making it intuitive and unique. It also provides its own set of control structures which include loops and conditional statements that are interlinked with PHP equivalents.


Laravel has its custom command-line interface known as Artisan. It is designed to offer numerous built-in commands to facilitate the creation of a Laravel project environment. All in all, it supervises every repetitive or monotonous task in regard to programming with maximum ease to ensure a seamless development process. In simpler words, the development team can rely on this tool to handle such tasks and not have to perform them manually ever again.

Multiple File System

In addition, Laravel is equipped with built-in support for any cloud storage such as Amazon S3 and other local storage options. It allows you to switch between any of the file systems of your choice since the API remains the same but, all three can be used simultaneously as well from different locations.


During the testing of any application, Laravel automatically runs it through unit test that monitor, detect, and inhibit lapses in the framework. It comes with the PHPUnit to test and debug applications and is run through the built-in command-line interface, Artisan.

The Final Verdict

Time and time again, Laravel has proven itself to be an impressively handy tool for powerful web application development. The above-mentioned features should assist in harnessing Laravel’s capabilities and build an intuitive solution that meets your project requirements. Hopefully, these pointers have helped you in understanding the Laravel framework a little better and why it has exponentially gained popularity over the years.

The icing on the cake is that it provides an opportunity for developers to learn and improvise with various components of it framework, so you can familiarize with its attributes at your own pace. In the end, many new PHP frameworks have arrived but Laravel has fought to stay on top.

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