Friday 8 March 2019

Latest Web Design Trends 2019

Latest Web Design Trends 2019

There is a thin line between following the crowd and being creative especially when you are in the web designing industry. As a website designer, your uniqueness lies in being creative but going against the trend is undoubtedly out of question. So the ideal course of action should be to thoughtfully follow the trend deploying your creativity delivering an outcome that supersedes the expectations. Striking off the right balance between both happens to be the key for staying trendy and up-to-date.

So how do we identify and decide what’s trendy? Look around!! The trend is more about empathizing with what is loved, what is hated and what attracts us. It is about understanding the emergence and adoption of the how’s and why’s of the trends’. What matters here is to ensure that any and every new trend must offer dynamic feasibility to establish a swifter and stronger connection between the concerned parties.

With every new year, new trends knock the door. Similarly, with the onset of 2019, global experts have come up with their inputs regarding the latest web design trends. Let us walk through the path and unravel some of them in web design formats that you, too, can incorporate in your projects ahead.

3-Dimensional Illustrations

There is an idea hidden in almost every old fashioned form and that holds true for this one. It is nothing but a modernized form of mix and match of the old and new 3D concept. Not content with what already existed, the designers have tried to add further elements like depth and realism to the graphics to actually create an effectual illusion. An illusion that smudges the borderline between digital and human worlds facilitating the users to understand what one wants to convey.

The introduction of varied 3-D elements creates an imaginary space that can help the audience time travel to the future. It gives them a chance to witness a manipulative web structure capable of meeting their demands and influencing them to stay connected. One such example is the Kaspersky's project of Earth 2050, which gives the users a realistic view in its thoughts and goals.

Outlining Graphics

There is 50:50 to this one. While you are writing something that needs to be empathized upon like header names, the brand, the website name – the outlining effect or graphics can definitely make it bolder, interactive, alluring and be food for thought for few. With just outlines doing it for you, the visible half text and the other half being erased gives a feeling of dominance and revolution that the brand can bring.

The outlined style is striking the chord, the one that cannot be ignored, even by the busiest eyes. There is a hidden charisma in such shapes, that tempts the mind to evaluate what’s written, automatically giving birth to a curiosity of discovering the business further.

Helveticization of Brand Identity

2018 saw many companies like Uber, MailChimp and more worldwide changing their business logos giving way to a WHY! They moved to be pleasingly unconventional brand identities to more simple yet sophisticated ones leading to a so-called Helvetica version. With companies moving from noticeably idiosyncratic to ubiquitously voiceless boasting off more serious, less-serif logos is a characteristic of a company attaining maturity. 2019 is no exception and is expected to see more such transformations across the globe with companies displaying their mature version.

Illustrations of Thoughts in Abstract Style

Restricting yourself to looking what your immediate competitors or peers are up to, takes away your opportunity to look out for better sources of illustration inspiration. How about giving your thoughts an abstract style to illustrate the ideas that are more expressive and allusive pieces across the web? This abstract way of illustrating the ideas and thoughts is picking up the pace with more and more creative potential being displayed by the designers.

So it is time to replace flat styles of expressing your thoughts and purpose with designs inclined towards more abstract styles. Leave behind straightforward illustrations and deploy something that is more fascinating, luring and creative to share with the world, Your Ideas, the and Thoughts!

Bold Typography

Keeping it bold is necessary but what good palettes do? There has been synchronization in the color palettes being used by competitors in the same industry however 2019 is expected to notice companies shifting to following more approachable, softer and subtle color palettes. On the other hand, you will continue to see companies gaining attention with bolder, opinionated and much-saturated color schemes. Illustrations will continue to form a crucial part in every design to effectually humanize the brand to develop a strong and impactful connect with the audience.

Massive, Screen Dominating Text

The specialists have finally been able to convince what value content holds in the overall web designing and related processes. There have been instances wherein the websites are truly following and setting the trend to give center stage to textual content. What you aim to convey to the audience that forms may be your header shouldn’t be small as a snail rather massive that dominates the screen. The year 2019 trending arts are demanding the headers to be exclusively large - large enough for multiple eyes to catch the hint.

Homogeneous Hero

You are unique in your industry but whether it is your website or your competitors’ – they are all the same. Every business is trying to sell its uniqueness in the same way yet considering themselves different from the crowd. But the year 2018 saw this trend getting metamorphosed. Good news!! 2019 marks the launch of the homogeneous hero with the web pages being broken into separate grids offering clarity to the respective elements.

This homogeneity emphasizes on placing the elements like the heading, the sub-headings, the call-to-action and more in an asymmetrical manner to bring out the actual context of what we are, what we do and much more. With the entire page broken down into grids allows you enough space to make the strong elements more pronounced than others.

Go Beyond the Prejudices of Typography Styles

Focusing on the fact of creating trendy styles that go on to become a landmark in your path, you have to look beyond the prejudices and be open to diverse options. Opt for creating your own typography styles to make and mark the difference. For instance include disappearing texts, fringes in the borders, sacked fonts, and more than top the list of different typographies in 2019.

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