Thursday 3 January 2019

PHP: Trends to watch out in 2019

When it comes to PHP website development, the developers feel quite comfortable in comparison to other programming languages since it helps to assist on one particular area at a time. PHP is also widely popular because it is an open source programming language meaning it is free to use and supports MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle databases without any errors. Taking into consideration such good qualities, we can expect to see a rising growth in PHP development.

Let us look at some of the trends which are going to raise the PHP development in the upcoming years.

#1 Great choice for Startups and Businesses

For creating enterprise applications, PHP language is well-suited as it can easily handle a large volume of data. Initially, you can start as a Minimum Viable Product by utilizing PHP and then keep up growing. Being open source, it comes with ready to use bundles and libraries making it less vulnerable to different changes in the field of website development.


It is possibly expected in the future to create applications combining of both Java and PHP. Developers prefer this combination as Java is most secured programming language while PHP provides speed. With the combined use, the companies essentially reduce the costs and upgrade their applications within a relatively shorter period of time.

#3 Merge with IOT technology

A complex virtual structure of three distinct layer that needs a dynamic language which also provides faster coding is the IOT technology. All these requirements are best fitted in PHP to make the best possible infrastructure solutions. Also, the latest version of PHP allows the developers to easily access the asynchronous programming which easily carries out OHO code to different multiple tasks in one particular single script.

#4 Flexible Usage

When you have already built a web application for your business and wish to further expand it, you can actually choose to borrow different libraries from various places. This requires a middleware in such cases. Middleware is sort of bridge between the OS or database and web applications as you can easily use it to access any of the PHP framework libraries.

#5 User Interface

Another major PHP trend for the user interface is responsive web used by social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Emails and even e-commerce like Amazon, Flipkart etc. To make these websites more convenient to the user and offer the best experience, the owners should ensure that the websites are responsive.

Other rising trends like infographics, online presentations, and visual effects keep the user engaged with the website. Nowadays, to create a 3D interaction like games or banner ads Flash is used; Parallax scrolling is another gaming trends to provide the images and banners with a 3D effect.

Exciting times ahead…

We can conclude that PHP is highly dynamic for creating dynamic websites easily. It can also be easily packaged with all types of Linux distributions which are easy to run with two distinct commands on the given command line. Such cost-effective benefits and facets of PHP will become an ideal choice for businesses and shape the website development industry in the upcoming years.

Author Bio:

Diana Vantur is a Technology Analyst currently working at Tatvasoft UK which is a PHP development company in UK. Her area of interest includes tech news and how software is being used in trending business. She strongly believes that knowledge is meant to be shared - whether related to design, software, technologies, and the list goes on.


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