Thursday 26 July 2018

5 Things About Codeigniter That You Might Regret Not Knowing

5 Things About Codeigniter That You Might Regret Not Knowing

Developed by the British Columbia Institute of Technology, the CodeIgniter is an open-source software. In an open-source software, the people who have the copyright grants the users various rights. They can be rights to study, to change and also to distribute to someone for some purpose. The CodeIgniter developers is used for the purpose of designing dynamic websites with PHP.

With this brief introduction, we will directly now get to the point. While many of the people out there are very well acquainted with the working of the software, there are many features which are yet to be discovered by a majority of the people. For them, this is the article, to know all the features of the software and gain maximum benefit from it.

  • Setting up the database connection: Even many of the expert users do not know how to do this part. But as the saying goes, a little learning goes a long way, here is your chance to learn it. All you need to do for setting up the connection is first to open the database.php. This will be located in the config folder. If it is not there, you might refer to the documentation. Sometimes, you might also face errors which will show that the connection is not possible with the current setting. Then also you will need to change the settings from this file.
  • Switching to URI routing: Often, the URL name with which we are working is just too big to work with, isn’t it? Well, here is your chance to change it. The given URI generally follow this pattern, There is always a one-to-one relation between a URL and the controller class/method corresponding to it. You can also remap the relation if you wish. Remapping is done to enable you to have different class/methods than the one which is corresponding to the URL.
  • Using the feature for autoloading: Using the autoload function will enable you to load libraries, helper or models automatically. For this purpose, you will need to open the autoload.php. The file will be located in the config folder like that of the download.php one. The models, helpers and libraries that you will load will be initialized for each time that you run the system. After opening the autoload.php, all you need to do is to add the item that you want to load in the autoload array. You will find the specific instructions in the file corresponding to what you wish to load.
  • MVC architecture support by the software: The software CodeIgniter has very few requirements for the server. It runs on a model, view, controller abbreviated as MVC architecture. This feature, though not new, supports the basic coding framework of a lot of software as this architecture is comparatively easy to configure. Even this can be used for the purpose of designing big apps and to manage them properly.
  • Support for the software: Though not very often, but during a long course of use, you might face some errors in the CodeIgniter software. This may disrupt your work that is completely based on the software and you may seem at a loss. But what you probably do not is of this most useful software is that it has a very efficient error support. To help you out in such difficult situations, the CodeIgniter forum has a large number of members and moreover, you will have access to the wiki too.

You probably might be thinking that the features are not so simple and we make it sound here. Take our word for it, it is even more user-friendly and easy that we tell you it is. And in case you are facing any error or cannot access any function, the CodeIgniter family is always at your service.

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