Friday 29 June 2018

Tips to Make & Save Money as a Student

Tips to Make & Save Money as a Student

Well, it’s a dream of almost every student to not only make money for himself but also to save it. But as he or she is studying so it’s difficult to make and save some pounds. Most of the students living in hostels, burn their cash in a matter of weeks. Living short of money is a nightmare for the students. During the shortage of money and having empty wallets, many students have to say goodbye to their luxury lifestyles. These students have to look for different ways to stretch their remaining money further for extra few days. As someone said that ‘Save Money and Money will Save you’.

There are a number of ways that you can adapt to help you in keeping your pockets full.

So here are some tips for the students that will help them in not only making money but also saving some pounds as well. So if you are a student and looking for some means to make and save money then bookmark this page because It’s time to get out of cheap beer budget. And don’t forget to comment on any method you know that can help the student community.

Gadgets purchase

Try to minimize your gadgets shopping to a possible level. If you don’t have a smartphone or it has been broken and you want to purchase a new one then remember to try not to purchase a brand new phone. Because it can costs you a lot of money. So it is recommended to get a used or refurbished mobile phone. There are a lot of mobile phone recycling companies that offer mobile phones in used and refurbished forms. So try to buy from these. By doing so, you can save a handsome amount (££).

Avoid outdoor eating

One of the very first steps to take in saving money is to avoid eating out. If you cook well, then it’s a great opportunity to cook at home and try to save your money from eating out. And whenever you go out for eating, then fast food is a prime choice for you rather than visiting upper-class restaurants and cafes.

Save Electricity

Saving electricity by turning off extra lights and other electric appliances can seriously save you a lot of money. Simple fixes can save you much amount in your leccy bills. Use energy saving bulbs. Turn off all the extra lights of your room. Don’t leave your room until you unplugged your gadgets that are not in use like a mobile phone charger or any other appliances.

Look for Part-time Job

If you are a student then employment has a lot of benefits for you. So it is highly advisable to look for a part-time job in your locality. If you are expert in anything then look for a job in that department so that you can maximize your efforts in that particular job. You can earn few hundred or even thousand pounds.


Bartending is a go-to job for many students. Because it is easy to find work at local pubs. So if there is an opportunity comes, avail that!

Matched Betting

It is one of the quickest ways to make money and if the luck is with you, you can earn good amount of money through matched betting. It is absolutely legal and risk-free. Bundle of students have made £100s from matched betting.

Retailer Jobs

Retail jobs are another option for you available. And here is a quick tip for you, most of your colleagues will be seeking opportunities to work at university campus shops, you, on the other hand, should venture into your local area and you might find out work there. Websites like Gumtree can also help you identify places and businesses that are looking for new staff to hire.

Online Surveys

One of the increasingly popular ways among the students is to fill out online surveys. If you have spare time and don’t want to work outside then try online surveys by sitting at your sofa. Companies are always looking for new members to fill out their surveys and in return, you can make pounds. Some of the companies are MySurvey, The Opinion Panel, Harris Poll, IPSOS, Pinecone, SurveryBods, Hiving, Toluna, New Vista, iPoll.

Side Business

All of you must aware of Facebook, and how it came into being. If a university student can make world’ top social media site then there are also thousands of opportunities are available for you as well. So start working for yourself. Start selling your talent. If you are a website developer or a creative designer or a social media expert simply go to freelance websites and find out work for yourself.

Likewise, if you have language skills, find work for yourself as a tutor.

Don’t do shopping empty stomach

Remember the phrase… ‘His eyes were bigger than his stomach’. Exactly the same fits in this case if you are doing grocery shopping on an empty stomach. We suggest, try not to make impulse purchases having empty stomach.

Selling Stuff

If your stuff is no longer in use, then you can sell it to make few quid. There will be many things that you can sell including your old books, CDs, clothes etc.

Make a monthly budget

Calculate your income and expenses and make a monthly budget plan so that at the end of the month you don’t run out of money. Make your strict habit to stay in line with your budget plan.

Mystery Shopping

If you want to get rewarded handsomely than try to become a mystery shopper. It’s not a difficult job to do. All you have to do is to visit shops and restaurants and give feedback about their performance. There are many agencies and companies who will pay you for your feedback. Just Google about how to become a mystery shopper.

Sell you Notes

If you have notes then share them with other students to generate extra cash for yourself. You can also sell your notes to online sites like Notesale and Stuvia. Just upload your notes, set your price and when another student download your notes, you will get paid.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a good presence on social media or own a website or blog, then you can start earning money by just promoting different products, services and offers online.


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